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how to start a business in dubai

how to start a business in dubai ?

10 steps to start a business

Start a business is planning and making key financial decisions and the implementation of a series of legal activities. These 10 simple steps will help to plan, set up and manage your business. Click on the links for more information.
Step 1: Writing the Business Plan

Use these tools needed to create an action plan and resources. My book and this guide will help you draw how to start and run your own business successfully.
Step 2: Get help business and training

Take advantage of the training and counseling services free of charge, from the preparation of an action plan and secure funding, and expand or business transfer.
Step 3: Choose the workplace

Get advice on choosing a place for customers friendly and compliance with zoning laws.
Step 4: Financing your business

Find a government-backed venture capital and research grants loans to get you started.
Step 5: Determine the legal structure of your business

Decide what type of property is best for you: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), Corporation, S Corporation or a non-profit cooperatives.
Step 6: registration of trade name (“Doing Business and”)

Registration of your business name with your state government.
Step 7: Get a Tax Identification Number

Did you know that the number of tax identification will be obtained from the Tax and Revenue Agency interest.
Step 8: Register for state and local taxes

Register with your state to get a tax identification number, and compensation, unemployment and disability insurance for employees.
Step 9: get the licenses and permits

Get a list of federal, state and local permits required for work permits.
Step 10: Understanding the responsibilities of employers

when ask how to start a business must Knowledge of legal steps that must be taken for the appointment of staff.
Initially resources

There are a number of programs available to help the new companies, small businesses and disadvantaged groups and less fortunate. The following resources provide information specialized audiences help start their own businesses.


how to start a business in dubai?

Friendly business environment

work from home

Online business


Minority-owned company

Veteran-owned Business

Women-owned business

You can save money to start or expand their business through the use of government surplus. Real estate, cars, furniture, computers and office equipment business, and find what you need for your business in one place.

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How to setup business in Dubai

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