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Best location for business in Dubai

Best location for business in Dubai

Best location for business in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai has made an example of a great city in each and every aspect, from lively hood to trading or attracting expats from all around the world, the economy and policies have been optimal. The Business strategy of the emirate of Dubai is such that it always has attracted foreign investors throughout the world for many ages. In a way it can be stated that the emirate of Dubai has become one of the best places in the world for business activities. There is no denying that the strategies and business policies in Dubai have made it the most developed and sophisticated city in the entire Middle East.

Although the economic growth has been remarkable in the emirate of Dubai Choosing best suited location for business is very important. Best location for business in Dubai or any country or emirate is a relative term and varies in the type of business an individual is opting for. An individual need to study the market and the need of the people in a surrounding before starting a business, this would help in sorting out the best location for business in the emirate of Dubai.

It is of utmost importance that one must make sure before starting a business is that the production of the company can be made available to their customers otherwise even in the booming economy of the emirate the business will not be able to make desired profits and ultimately suffer losses. There are several options of great strategic locations for business of massive diversity in the entire emirate. The position in a city may be opted for a shop or an office moistly known for the type of product or service the company or individual wants to deal with.

Best location for business in Dubai

If an investor has planned for a free trade zone type organization then the individual must make a decision based upon the requirement of distance, price and suitable for the business or product type or commerce requirement, if it is taken into account before setting up of business then eventually the Best location for business in Dubai becomes best for him in the emirate.

Or if the investors plan to form a small scale enterprise or company basic requirements like telecommunication, space inside the premise, availability of worker, power, and transport system must be taken into concern before investing. There are many places to work form in Dubai, we may reflect on an example of the recently developed JBR the walk. It becomes the hub of massive trading done in the tourist season and often termed as the Miami of Dubai.

The best place for business is the winter season as it turns out to be with a massive crowd pull every year from all around the world. The beach side is awesome attracting tourists all the time, any shop established here selling any item from food products to perfumes from cloths to jewelries will ultimately make huge profits. In this scenario it becomes one of the optimum places for doing business in Dubai and in the event making losses will become more difficult than making good profitable business. Dubai marina is also h hotspot and id definitely considered as one of the most in demand places for business sites in not only in Dubai but the entire United Arab Emirate.

It is considered as one of the best location for business in Dubai. The unspoiled private harbor with excellent waterfront and walkway makes beautiful scenery. Landscapes with excellent sea facing view makes it an excellent tourist attraction. Not only people of the United Arab Emirate come for vacation but tourists of the entire world appear to enjoy vacation in this region. The communication here is excellent making it an excellent location for business in Dubai also.

Best location for business in Dubai

Places like Jumeirah Lake, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah sports city, International city, and the springs have become so popular that they belong to the top sorted for sites in the emirate. Business dealings rise every day strengthening the economy of the state. There are Free trade zones in Dubai where business men can start up a business. These Trade free zones are special economic zones where no duty or tax is required to run a business. These zones are operated by free zone authority of Dubai. Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the biggest sea harbor free zone in Dubai. This free zone is maintained by the Jebel Ali Free Zone authority. These free zones help foreign investors to set up good business in the emirate of Dubai.

There are more than twenty Free zones in Dubai. For car accessories and Automotive works the Emirate has made DUCAMS, the Dubai car And Automotive Zone. Foreign investors intended for doing business in car Accessories and automotive parts will find it best location for their business in Dubai. There are other free zones like Dubai healthcare city, Dubai international Academic City, Dubai internet city, Dubai Media city, Dubai silicon Oasis, international media production Zone, Dubai world central business park, Dubai Gold and diamond park etc. Business men can choose from various locations and can opt for what they feel best for their business.


The emirate of Dubai with its vast economic structure provides various opportunities to investors both inside and Outside of the United Arab Emirate. There are many locations in the emirate promoting good business although the best location for doing business in Dubai shall vary from individual to individual depending on the type of business. With proper information and resources any business developed in the emirate would generate profit as per expectation.

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